21, Awokoya Street, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State

AZF Mini Library

You can get some of our paper presentation, TV video clips and flyers on Zakaat issues paper presentations

1. Issues surrounding Zakaat and the Nisab on livestock: by Dr.Adepoju R. I. (TASUED) Islamic and Arabic studies.

2. Nisab: the bedrock of Zakat; by Dr. Abdullahi Shuaib, Amnim Executive Director: Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation Lagos.

3. Nisab on farm produce: by Dr. Abdul Hakeem Akanni (OOU) Islamic and Arabic Studies.

4. Nisab on mineral resources: Dr. Ismaheel Akinade Jimoh; Senior Research Fellow (Arabic documentary University of Ibadan.

5. Nisab on money and asset: Al-Hayat Relief Foundation, ljebu-Ode Headquarter.

6. Nisab on cash and asset: Nasfat, Ijebu-Ode branch.

7. Nisab on cash and asset: Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Ijebu-Ode branch.

8. Nisab on animal: Anwar-UI-Islam Movement of Nigeria, ljebu-Ode branch.

9. Nisab on farm produce: FOMWAN, Ogun State.

10.Nisab: the bedrock of Zakat: Sheikh Ziyaad Muhammed CEO/MD Islamic Finance Institute South Africa.

11.The law of Zakat management and non-governmental Zakat Collectors in Indonesia the international centre for not for profit Laws (ICNL).

12.The decrees of Zakat on debts by Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, Jeddah.

13.Economics and Principles of Zakat: Dr. Mobolaji Hakeem; Dept. Of Economics and Financial Studies, Fountain University.

14.The calculation of Zakat: Dr. Monzar Kahf.

15.Nisab of farm produce: Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Ijebu-Ode Chapter.

16.CD on Nisab Conference, produced by AZE.

17.CD on Zakat Calculation, produced by AZF.